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the second had sloping shoulders, and a slim waist. Tall and slender was she in stature, with a face like the egg of a goose. Her eyes so beautiful, with their well-curved eyebrows, possessed in their gaze a bewitching FLASH. At the very sight of her refined and elegant manners all idea of vulgarity was forgotten.

the third was below the medium size, and her mien was, as yet, childlike. strpon

In their head ornaments, jewelry, and dress, the get-up of the three young ladies was identical. strapon buy

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Tai-yue speedily rose to GREet them and to exchange salutations. After they had made each other's acquaintance, they all took a seat, whereupon the servants brought the tea. Their conversation was confined to Tai-yue's mother,——how she had fallen ill, what doctors had attended her, what medicines had been given her, and how she had been buried and mourned; and dowager lady Chia was naturally again in great anguish.

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